Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jellyfish attack.....

The news came from our resort marine biologist ,
 that our house reef get a quite high number jellyfish arrive.
It's very useful  for us so i would like to share with you...
here it is...

Blue Button (Porpita porpita):
This open-ocean colony consists of a central disc-shaped float made up of numerous air chambers and blue or green tentacles that are used for feeding on microscopic organisms near the water surface. The species is harmless to humans as the stinging cells are unable to pierce the skin.

blue and look like small flowers (see below picture) and are harmless

 how to prevent if we stung by them ???

Do not use fresh water
  to rinse it to avoids blisters and removing remaining tentacles with a towel.
Use Vinegar
  to neutralize of the venom.

The pain will normally disappears within 1 hour.

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